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Their discovery is widely acknowledged as one of the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th …. Synopsis: (from Michael Marx, Skidmore College ) The film opens in 1951, when the young American biologist James D. Based on a true story, this film focuses on the quest to discover the building blocks of DNA. These two teams are also in competition with other scientists in the UK, and with international scientists such as the American Linus Pauling. .Watson (1928- ), attending a conference in Italy, is jolted into active pursuit of the structure of DNA by an X-ray diffraction image of a DNA sample presented by the English biophysicist Maurice Wilkins The Race for the Double Helix Synopsis An American and a British scientist join forces in an effort to unlock DNA's double-helix structure. 50% (61) The Double Helix Summary and Study Guide | … Translate this page https://www.supersummary.com/the-double-helix/summary The Double Helix is American scientist James Watson’s personal account of the discovery of the structure of DNA. The film manages to convey the loneliness and competitiveness of scientific research but also educate…. Francis Crick and James D. Synopsis. American scientist Jim Watson (Jeff Goldblum) joins forces with his English counterpart, Francis Crick (Tim Pigott-Smith), and together they strive to outdo their brilliant contemporaries as they make progress towards unlocking DNA's double-helix 50% (61) Life Story (film) - Wikipedia Translate this page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_Story_(1987_film) Overview Summary Cast Production Accuracy Video recordings External links The film tells the story of the rivalries of the two teams of scientists attempting to discover the structure of DNA. He and Francis Crick succeed in determining the three-dimensional chemical structure of DNA in 1953, while they were working together at Cavendish Laboratory, at Cambridge University. Guest Sheik Summary

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Watson at Cambridge University and Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin at King's College London.

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